What’s in it For You

Thanks for considering Jimmy Travis for your event. You can feel confident in knowing that when you hire Jimmy you get:



    • A performer with years of experience in entertaining
      a wide variety of audiences!
    • A very successful track record!
    • A clean and non offensive presentation!
    • Someone that relates to audiences of all ages!
    • An artist who can create and customize material
      specific to your event!
    • Both humor and music!
    • Simple and easy tech requirements!
    • Flexibility to adapt to a variety of situations.
    • A professional who is easy to work with.
    • The joy of seeing your group smiling, laughing,
      and enjoying themselves!


“I think my greatest strength as a performer is my ability to connect with people. It’s not something that I’ve developed or can take credit for. It’s just a gift I’ve been given. When I’m onstage audiences realize that I’m a real person and not just someone doing an act or giving a speech. Folks feel comfortable with me. They see me having fun onstage and they join in!”

All The Best!